We offer quality custom packaging for numerous segments within the industry. The variety of products, materials and sizes we work with have made us experts at meeting virtually any packaging challenge.

  • custom/batch-sized
  • requirements
  • super sacks
  • bulk totes
  • composite cans
  • multi-colored HDPE & PET canisters/jugs
  • plastic pails
  • pouches

Contract Manufacturing

Main Street Ingredients offers the optimum environment, processes and logistics for sizing, consolidating, blending, coating and packaging ingredients—including consolidating products from multiple suppliers.

We are a leader in the industry, due in great part to our state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled expertise with these critical processes:

Agglomeration – Instantize

Through agglomeration, we have the ability to create proteins with exceptional reconstituting properties that dissolve quickly and thoroughly when added to liquids— cold or hot. Whereas, standard powders do not reconstitute well in liquids, agglomerated ingredients exhibit excellent reconstituting properties, maintain better flowability, experience less material loss and benefit from reduced processing time.


Blending is a sensitive process that requires Main Street Ingredients’ level of expertise in a variety of blending applications. We ensure your blends are sized, sifted and blended accurately and safely.


Particle size is critical in food manufacturing technology. Main Street Ingredients’ processing capabilities include grinding which produces custom particle sizes for optimal results.