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Bakery manufacturers from across the globe turn to Main Street Ingredients’ Gemstone bakery ingredients and Keystone® stabilizer systems to improve and maintain the quality and integrity of their baked goods.

Gemstone bakery ingredients are tailor-made to meet nearly any bakery application need. Our Gemstone ingredients are guaranteed to produce quality, cost-effective baked goods.

Keystone® stabilizer systems are specially engineered to enhance flavor, texture, appearance and shelf life for a variety of food products.

Gemstone Keystone®

Bakery Products

Baking Dough

Create smooth and consistent bread dough with Gemstone! Our Gemstone dough developers combine oxidation, reduction and leavening agents in one simple step. With Gemstone, reduce your production time and save money!

• Gemstone 1102 (dough developer)

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Breads and buns

Produce natural, fresh, tasty breads and buns with Gemstone! Gemstone’s dough developers produce products with enhanced flavor, nutrients, and tenderness in addition to increasing the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

• Gemstone 1102 (dough developer)

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Make your pizza dough mouth-watering with Gemstone! Gemstone’s kosher approved dough conditioners create the perfect balance of extensibility and texture while decreasing mixing times.

• Gemstone 1111 (dough conditioner)

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Perfect your tortillas with Gemstone and Keystone®! Our Gemstone dough developers eliminate manufacturing issues while contributing wonderful flavor, tenderness, and nutrients to your blend. Gemstone dough conditioners and Keystone® stabilizers create perfect disbursement ratios to ensure that your tortillas retain ideal moisture and extensibility long after they leave the shelf.

• Keystone®
• Gemstone 1112 (dough conditioners)
• Gemstone 1102 (dough developers)

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Ready-to-bake mixes

Due to our capabilities in research and development, Main Street Ingredients has the unparalleled ability to formulate complete bakery products.

Our food technologists are experts in ingredient interactions and can provide prototypes of nearly any baked good. Whether you’re looking for a private label brand or a complement to an existing product, partner with Main Street Ingredients to find your solution.

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Produce flavorful, light and moist donuts with Gemstone. Our Gemstone donut ingredients promote beautiful crust color and leavening. Our kosher certified blend is able to appeal to all audiences!

• Gemstone 1131 (donut ingredients)

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Icings and Glazes

Produce icing/glazes with excellent consistency and appearance using Keystone® stabilizer systems! Keystone® stabilizers produce icings with controlled moisture, easy handling, and extended shelf life.

• Keystone® 8150
• Keystone® 8859

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Develop rich and flavorful fillings with Keystone®! Keystone® stabilizer’s advanced technologies produce fillings with superior gelation properties, viscosity and creaminess. Alginate-based stabilizers create thermally irreversible gels which aid in fruit suspension and superior gel texture.

• Keystone® 8150
• Keystone® 8859

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Make tender, moist, delicious cakes with Gemstone! Gemstone non-fat dry milk alternatives replicate the browning, height, and structuring characteristics, as well as crumb and color qualities, than that of nonfat dry milk powder.

• Gemstone 1192 (non-fat dairy milk alternative)

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Produce premium muffins that can appeal to all audiences with Gemstone! Gemstone whole egg alternatives eliminate egg allergen issues while maintaining the same browning, flavor, texture, and baking characteristics of powder whole eggs.

• Gemstone 1592 (whole egg alternative)

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Create fresh-baked cookies of all varieties with Gemstone! Our Gemstone line of bakery ingredients offers an economical egg alternative that is not only easier to handle than liquid whole eggs, it virtually replicates the exact baking characteristics of liquid whole eggs.

• Gemstone 1611

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