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We’re located in Wisconsin—the heart of Dairyland and home to America’s best cheesemakers—so our quality and performance standards for cheese and cheese products are high! Our brand experts guarantee to help you discover ingredient systems that serve your technical, economical and functional needs.

Keystone® stabilizer systems are formulated to enhance desirable characteristics such as viscosity, mouthfeel, body and texture, appearance, and shelf life. For a smooth consistent blend, Keystone® is the stabilizer to choose!

Capstone® flow agents, the cheese industry’s most advanced line of mold and clumping inhibitors are specially formulated for affordability, efficiency, and shelf-life extension in shredded cheese. Ongoing cultivation of the line has allowed our Capstone® experts to continue to provide you with the highest quality in flow agent development and application.

Cornerstone® functional proteins are specially developed to enhance the functional properties of milk-derived proteins. Mitigate costs, develop flavorful full-bodied cheese blends, and increase functional properties with Cornerstone®!

Keystone® Cornerstone® Capstone®

Cheese Products


Protect the quality and functionality of your high moisture shredded cheeses with Capstone® Flow Agents! Capstone’s® performance is unparalleled! Our anti-caking agents are guaranteed to inhibit mold and clumping while increasing shelf life. We customize our formulations to meet your exact application needs!

• Capstone® 4000 series

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Create a homogeneous processed cheese blend with Keystone®. Keystone® stabilizer systems enhance the melting, mouthfeel, and texture characteristics processed cheese consumers look for! Keystone® stabilizers prevent separation in the melting process and allow for a consistent finished product.

• Keystone® 9700

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Cold Pack and Spreads

Utilize Keystone® and Cornerstone® to develop your cold pack cheese and cheese spreads. We factor your process—time, temperature, technique—when developing our ingredient systems. With your finished product requirements in mind, we have developed specialized Keystone® stabilizers and Cornerstone® proteins that deliver optimum texture, flavor, viscosity and moisture control to your formulation. Replace high-priced traditional milk solids and keep costs down by switching to Cornerstone®!

• Keystone® 7545
• Keystone® 7180
• Cornerstone® 350

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Produce cheese sauces with outstanding texture, flavor and functional properties! Whatever the desired application, utilize Keystone® specialized stabilizers to control moisture content, develop creaminess, and perfect viscosity. Thanks to Cornerstone’s® high gel and water immobilization properties, you can reduce fat and still build strong body and texture. Mitigate the unpredictable costs of milk solids, switch to Cornerstone®—the smarter more functional alternative!

• Keystone® 9108
• Keystone® 7304
• Keystone® 9100
• Cornerstone® 240
• Cornerstone® 350

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Creamy, cheesy dips are everyone’s favorite. Cornerstone® functional proteins have outstanding gelling and water-binding properties—plus emulsion stability—to create the body and consistency customers expect from a cheese dip, even with reduced fat! And replacing milk solids with Cornerstone® can be a reliable and cost-effective alternative.

• Cornerstone® 400
• Cornerstone® 403

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In countries where cheese manufacturers are allowed to fortify their starting milk in cheese making, improve your natural cheese yields with Cornerstone®! Utilize Cornerstone® as a milk extender in your manufacturing process and increase your yields while maintaining nutritional benefits and superb texture! Cornerstone® provides a cost effective way to create exceptional natural cheeses!

• Cornerstone® 850

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