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Nutritional Drinks

Main Street Ingredients is proud to offer the highest quality base mixes in the Health & Wellness industry. With the aid of our premium branded ingredients and skilled staff of food technologists, we’re able to help you develop virtually any nutritional beverage formulation.

Main Street Ingredients also offers complete private label solutions to companies across the globe. Check out our comprehensive services!

Keystone® Capstone®

  • Keystone 9560 (Cold-Soluble Stabilizer and Thickener)
  • Capstone 9017 (Dry Base for Sports Drink)
  • Performance & Pre-sport Protein products
  • Smoothie mixes
  • Sports Drinks
  • Amino acid Fortified Drinks
  • Fiber and cleanse products
  • Ready-to-drink formulations
  • Immunity products
  • Organic formulations
  • Nutraceuticals

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